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I am Riaz.

Life Changing Moments


There are pivotal moments in life that change you and that moment happened on October 8, 2017 when my mother passed away. I was holding her hands and looking into her eyes as she drifted away.

This moment changed the way I saw life, how fleeting and temporary in its nature. I decided to re-evaluate what I do and how I live my life. I choose now to focus on the things that have more meaning and purpose; and to make a difference in the lives of other.



​Work And Life Experiences


For over 20 years I have worked in the fields of behavioural change, coaching, leadership development and entrepreneurship.

I began my real world education at the age of 15 when I started working in my family business. I spent my weekends and holidays helping the business to become a success. At the age of 23, I opened a franchise outlet on my own - with guidance from dad - and I learned many valuable lessons in life about working with people, what motivates and what drives them to do better in life.

My work has taken me all around the world. From China, setting up franchises and training new business owners; to Australia where I worked with middle and senior leaders worldwide on leadership development programs at Mount Eliza Executive Education, Melbourne Business School (MBS) and Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney.

One of the many insights gained from meeting people from around the world was how beliefs people held about themselves affected both their personal and professional lives. I was intrigued as to why individuals that held influential roles in organisations and managed thousands of employees, who are considered successful, struggled to cope with anger, personal relationships issue, marriage break-ups, self-sabotage and addictions. 

I learned how past events shaped their beliefs which in turn affected their behaviours and how these recurring beliefs held them back in life. They were aware of their behaviours and the impact they had on others, yet very few successfully changed their habits in the long term. I have witnessed the impact of anger and depression had on lives, how it derails careers, marriages and relationships.



​​Regaining My Inner Strength


Just like these leaders, I too struggled with various issues. The beliefs adopted when I was young have had a tremendous impact on my life. I too struggled with anger and anxiety. By working on myself, I was able to turn things around, by taming my anger, healing my pain and feeling calm even when I didn't feel in control.



My Service To You


​Through coaching, therapy, breathe work, meditation and self-reflection, I learned many tools and techniques to change how I live my life and control my mind. I offer my learning and experience to you in hope to design a better world for yourself and those that you love.

In my work, I often refer to the wisdom of many spiritual ideas and concepts. I found they have deep influences assisting my clients in breaking through the challenges they face in life. 





​I dedicate my work as a Life Coach and Rapid Transformational Coach to my mother. Her life was one of service. She was a very kind and generous person, helped many individuals live a more fulfilling life. I also honour my father who educated me, brought me up to be respectful to others, to work hard and to persevere no matter what odds one faces in life.​​ And finally to my loving wife and wonderful children - the pillars of my strength and my everything.





M.A. Human Development

George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Bachelor International Business Relations

Griffith University, Australia

Graduate Diploma in Chinese Language

Griffith University & Sun Yat Sen University, China

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment 

Chisholm Institute of TAFE, Melbourne

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Psychometric Tools / Certifications:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


Skillscope 360° Feedback

FIRO-B Certification

Free 30 minutes online discovery session



“ After having one session with Riaz, he helped me uncovered the root cause of my anxiety. We then transformed the anxiety into a different kind of power - one that would attract rather than repel people. ”

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