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  • Riaz Peter


Words matter. And the words we use and say have a profound impact on our results.

When working with clients I listen attentively to the words and phrases that they use and I have seen shifts in behaviour when they change their words

Let’s compare the impact of a few words:

I will try or I am trying

“I will try to get it done by this week” versus “I will get it done this week”

“I will try to get to the party” versus “I will go to the party”

“I am trying to improve myself” versus “I am improving myself”

When I hear someone say these words “I will try”, what I am hearing is: Nope they are not going to get it done. And in most cases they won’t.

The words “I will try” is a out or an excuse people use to not get things done or a way to feel good about themselves when they do not act on things.

I am surviving

This is another phrase I hear people use often. When you ask them “How are you?” the reply is “I am surviving” and guess what, one year down the track when you ask how they are, they are still surviving and they can barely make ends meet.

The words that we use have a profound impact on our thoughts, feelings, actions and habit. Words are a coding and instruction to your mind to act or not act and when you use a word often enough it becomes a habit.

The rules of the mind that come into play here are:

The words we say to ourselves and the pictures we make in our mind have a profound impact on our thoughts actions and beliefs.

The mind loves what is familiar and if you repeat a word often enough it becomes a familiar part of who you become.

So when I say: “I will try to do it”, the will power to get it done is lower. But when I say to someone I will do it, I have now made a commitment and I will find a way to get it done.

The words “I will try”or “I am trying” lacks commitment. So choose words that you mean and do what you say and you will build trust and confidence not just in yourself but also in the people that you associate with.

Become a conscious observer of the words you say to yourself and to others, and make note of the impact it has.

When you change your words you will change your results.

What are some of the words that you use or hear on a regular basis that resonates with what I have said, please share it in the comments below.

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