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  • Riaz Peter

FRIENDS OR STRANGERS - Which one do you allow in?

Ponder A While !

Have your ever heard that friend and stranger should stay and rest in one heart?

Do you cast out the stranger, so that the friend may come in?

Or do you allow the stranger to enter and stay and make itself comfortable.

This is a decision we make every conscious waking moment of our lives.

When we allow thoughts that are positive and happy into our hearts and minds, then it is similar to allowing a friend into our home.

A friend is one that encourages you, loves you, nurtures and helps you, a friend is there in good and bad times, times of happiness, in times of sadness, in times of loss and difficulties.

A friend lifts you up when you are down and spurs you on when you feel like giving up. This is the type of friend we should allow to enter into our hearts.

A friend does not speak harsh and critical words to the other, it does not say:

“Why do you always screw up?” A friend doesn’t push you down when you are trying to get up.

Every waking moment of your life is an important one, your heart is your most precious home, and the thoughts, suggestions and images that you that you give yourself is no different from inviting a friend or stranger into you home.

Which ONE then do you allow to ENTER?

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