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  • Riaz Peter


THE POWER OF CHOICE Do You Run Your Mind or Does Your Mind Run on Auto Pilot?

Fear is the mind’s AUTO PILOT response system for keeping us safe.

When you are in danger, the mind doesn’t have to remind you and say “Hey, you have to choose to be scared now and start freaking out!”

You don’t have to choose your response at all as your AUTO response system just kicks in and fear will do its job.

When you want to start a new project at work or a new business, there is alway the risk of failure involved and where there is the possibility failure, fear normally tags along.

The Fear that kicks in has a good intention. If fear could speak, it would say:

"I create the horror movies in your life. I project the unknown into your mind, I make your body respond and your heart beat faster, I make you still into inaction so that you won’t take the steps to progress, I will remind you that you are not good enough because when you don’t take action, you won’t fail and you won’t embarrass yourself… this is my way of protecting you."

But, when we give in to fear all the time, our life slows down, things don’t get done and we get even more fearful and anxious over time.

The other response instead of fear is to choose to be Calm and Patient. Being Calm and Patient for most us Not an Auto Response and we have to consciously choose to act from this level.

Human beings possess two natures: a Higher and a Lower Nature and we have the power to focus our thoughts away from the lower to the higher nature.

The Higher Nature is one of Love, Joy, Hope, Confidence, Gratitude, Peace, Calm… etc.

The Lower Natures is one of anxiety, fear, stress, jealously, hate, anger and so forth.

Should we then just ignore our Lower Nature completely?

No. We should choose to listen to fear and find out what its message and understand the reason and risks that are involved in starting a new project. Once we understand that, we can then choose to be Calm and Happy while keeping in mind the message that fear had to deliver.

When we choose to be Calm and Happy and operate from a Higher Nature, it does not mean that the risks or dangers involved in starting a project goes away. It is still there, we have just made a conscious decision to operate from Calm and Peace.

When we operate from Calm and Peace, we work better, we think clearer. We stop the mindless horror movies that fear plays to hold us back and we choose movies, thoughts and words that empower our minds, that encourage us and help up move forward.

In all situations we have a choice, we can choose to allow our Lower Nature with its auto response system to respond all the time, or we can take back our power and control and operate from a Higher Nature.

If YOU want to learn to Calm your fears and live and work from a Higher Nature - a place of calm, poise and confidence, 
PM me and let’s work together and turn fear into Calm & Peace.

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