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  • Riaz Peter


Do you display the following signs:

- feeling tired and burnt out - feeling a sense of injustice or unfairness - feeling unworthy or not good enough - when people criticise me, I take it personally and I just want to run and hide.

Do you display the following:

- need to overeat - addiction to alcohol - addiction to work - constant need to prove yourself and your self-worth - anger issues - difficulty in connecting with others.

If you answered yes to the above, then it is highly likely that your past beliefs about your self worth is affecting how you feel about your current self.

Rachel S. Heslin, in her book Navigating Life wrote that the need to be liked can be traced back to when you were a young child and were completely dependent on others to take care of you. “To a four-year-old, if Mommy or Daddy doesn't like you, there is the danger that they will abandon you, and you will die. We need to understand that when we desperately want someone to approve of us, it's being driven by that little kid part of us that is still terrified of abandonment and death.”

You cannot fault a young child for forming beliefs about themselves that sound like this: “I need to be liked and only then will mummy and daddy love me”. “I need people to approve of me and only then will I be happy”. This child was forming “age-appropriate” beliefs about themselves and was trying his or her best to understand and fit into her/her world.

If you resonate with some of the behaviours (characteristics) above then it could be a signal that an UPGRADE is required. Send me an email or PM me and I will be happy to speak to you and find a Rapid Transformational Upgrade package to help you change and modify those old thoughts, behaviours and habits that are currently running.

When you upgrade your old program of thinking, believing and feeling, you are uniting your younger self with your adult self and you change from within.

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