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  • Riaz Peter


Movies of Life are Made Now!

The past doesn’t exist, The future is unclear.

But what is clear are your Thoughts Now. What you think Now and Feel Now determines how you will Feel 10 minutes from Now.

And if you continuously create the same Thoughts over and over, you create a Powerful Movie. A movie that will not only influence Now but will shape your Future.

Choose to make movies that are filled with Gratitude & Thankfulness.

At every waking moment, find something or someone to be grateful to. The Movie of Gratitude is a powerful life changing one. It shapes our Feelings, it influences our Energy and it shifts our Thoughts.

Find Gratitude in the smallest of things and you will find joy in everything. Fail to find Gratitude and life passes you quietly and you miss the very things that you were looking for.

Gratitude opens Magical Portals, it open a window into our mind and clears any negative and toxic Thoughts. Joy give us wings to Fly, and Gratitude are the winds that lifts us up to heights unknown.

Choose Gratitude over complaining, see the Good even when it is hard, find one Good thing in the people that challenge you the most and Praise and Encourage that one little thing that you find..

For that one Good thing that you find, might be that one tiny seed that in the future may turn into a fruitful tree, a tree that will yield beautiful fruits. And you may have been that one person that nurtured that one tiny seed and made a difference in the life of another.

Your Thoughts Now are the Movies you make in your mind Now, Your Feelings Now are the seeds that will yield the fruits that you will reap in the Future.

Choose Thoughts that will yield sweet and lovely fruits, Choose Kindness, Choose Joy, Choose Courage and Choose Love and the Movies your create will bring you Joy. Because:

Joy Gives Us Wing to Fly… NOW!

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